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Cookie Policy of

This policy provides clarity on the use of trackers, including cookies, to enhance your experience on our Application.

What are Trackers?

Trackers are technologies that can be used to collect or store information about how you interact with our Application. Commonly known trackers include cookies which are stored in your browser. While cookies are often used in web browsers, they're not typically used in mobile apps as they are browser-based tools.

Consent and Control

Some tracking functionalities might require your consent. If you've granted consent, you can revoke it anytime using the methods described in this policy. We use both first-party trackers (set by us) and third-party trackers (set by external partners). Third-party trackers might allow those partners to access the stored data.

How Long Do Trackers Last?

Some trackers are temporary and expire when you end your browsing session. Others have a specific lifespan set by us or the third-party provider. Detailed information on the lifespans of specific trackers can be found in linked third-party privacy policies or by contacting us.

Types of Trackers We Use:

  1. Essential Trackers: For fundamental functions of our Application. They ensure the website works correctly and deliver the services you request.

  2. Tag Management: Helps centralize tag or script management. This might result in data retention.Google Tag Manager (Google LLC): Manages tags for our Application. Privacy Policy

  3. SPAM Protection: Filters out SPAM from our traffic.Google reCAPTCHA (Google LLC): A tool to identify and block SPAM. Privacy Policy

  4. User Interaction & Features: These trackers help enhance user Widget ( ltd.): Facilitates live chat interactions. Privacy Policy

  5. Analytics & Measurement: To analyze user behavior and improve our services.Google Analytics (Google LLC): Monitors website activity. Privacy PolicyHotjar Heat Maps & Recordings (Hotjar Ltd.): Visualizes where users interact on our Application. Privacy Policy

  6. Other Trackers:123Forms: Collects user data for account management. More infoFlippingBook: Gathers email addresses for potential remarketing. More infoPeachOnline Software: Processes various customer-related data. More infoToggl: Used for project management and sales activities. More info

Managing and Revoking Consent:

You have control over your data. Manage your preferences directly from your device settings or through browser settings. Remember, blocking trackers might limit some functionalities of our Application.

For more details on managing trackers in popular browsers, check:

About Us:

CW BRANDS PTY LTDABN 45 161 688 57121 Ballantyne Road, Kewdale, WA, 6105Email: (08) 9353 3354


Third-party tracker information might change as it's beyond our complete control. Always consult respective third-party privacy policies for comprehensive details. Reach out to us if you need more information on the use of trackers.

This policy was updated on the 18/08/2023.

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